Signal App mimics many WhatsApp features to attract more customers

In its bid to get more uses than WhatsApp, Signal has integrated some former features. This move will gradually make it one of the best messaging apps in the world.

Signal adopts some of WhatsApp’s features

Newly launched message app, Signal is enjoying what is widely assumed to be the highest messaging app in the world. Signal App is in the process of coming up with new updates and features which are similar to WhatsApp’s.

 These new features include chat customization which includes a theme, size, and background. There is also increased support for business and group sections. However, most of these features are already available on WhatsApp which is going through some issues because of their new policy on privacy.

Part of Signal features will allow customers to change their wallpaper. This feature isn’t available on earlier versions but can be seen in the recently released beta version released on Monday. Another prominent signal feature from WhatsApp is setting up a shirt status in the user “about” page seen in the information page.

Users can also extend their video call limit which allows video calls for participation of up to eight users. Signal also allows the creation of stickers and pictures from its app.

Unique features integrated and many more to come

These stickers can be shared with contacts on your phone. However, Signal is not done yet, it recently announced that its forthcoming features will include encryption capabilities for the app which will consist of low data usage for calls as well as sharing group links to invite other users.

 Individuals familiar with WhatsApp will know these are familiar features. Features like these show that Signal App has come to stay and will gain a sizable in the road into WhatsApp users. Also, due to its secure privacy features and low data usage unlike WhatsApp, it is one to watch. This is the beginning of a major message app rivalry with WhatsApp.